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Detailed standard and non-standard parts of mold parts

Mold parts refer to the mold industry's proprietary metal parts for stamping dies, plastic dies or FA automation equipment. According to the industry, it is roughly divided into two standard and non-standard parts:
1. Mold standard parts
Mold standard parts are standardized in general terms, without special order and popularity. Standard parts can be finely divided into plastic mold parts and metal punching mold parts.
Plastic mold parts are probably: single shot, double shot, double shot, flat tip, flat tip, positioning post, plastic mold guide sleeve, straight sleeve, middle column sleeve, plastic mold guide sleeve, straight sleeve, Middle bracket, positioning column, square aid, stereo positioning block group guide aid, A, B, C type nozzle, fixed ring A, B type, standard mechanical switch, square aid, small Sodium standard special nozzle bushing, Dashui standard special nozzle bushing, mold date indicating device, resin switch, water stop plug, plastic mold tip, pen core, pen tube, small tie rod C type, oblique support , pull material tip, plastic mold guide column, tie rod, return needle, spring, thimble, cylinder, garbage nails, etc.
Hardware die accessories are: H-type straight punch, A-type secondary punch, cutting edge forming punch, K-type pumping punch, B-type guiding punch, A-type female punch, punch, concave Mold, bushing, high speed steel round bar, ultrafine grain tungsten steel round bar, powder high speed steel round bar, floating pin, floating material pin, stop screw, positioning pin (fixed pin), contour sleeve, guide post, Guide sleeve, precision grade chrome-plated guide post, precision grade copper-titanium alloy guide sleeve, self-lubricating guide sleeve, inner guide post assembly, sliding guide post assembly for mold base, ball guide post assembly for mold base, detachable ball guide post assembly , outer guide column assembly, steel ball sleeve (cage), independent guide post, hexagonal screw, contour screw, etc.
2, mold non-standard parts
The mold non-standard parts generally refer to different specifications and shapes, and the molds with special structure compared with the standard mold are called non-standard parts. Generally speaking, the mold non-standard parts are processed by the supplier according to the drawings and requirements provided by the customer:





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